Bringing significant change to rural areas is a challenge, and the results of many previous endeavours have fallen short of expectations. Innovative and ambitious, ZayoHub is built on lessons from previous projects that have guided the programme design. ZayoHub will build a sustainable delivery model and facilitate capacity-building in poor rural communities. 

Hubs will be run by Agents, recruited locally, with skills in community organisation. Each hub typically has one male and one female agent. The agents’ income will ultimately be derived both from the hub’s paid-for services, and from service fees from organisations using the hub. 

Theory of change

Zayohub Theory Of Change.png


ZayoHub Zambia aims to create a sustainable network of hubs, delivering impact at local level on a continuing basis. 

The selection of activities at local ZayoHubs aims to: 

Achieve... Focusing on...
Impact Programmes aiming to achieve SDG aligned targets in livelihoods, education, health, gender, energy and social indicators
Demand Generating footfall by meeting the expressed needs, interests, demands and priorities of local people
Revenue Generating revenue from selected activities through user charging, management fees from service providers, and commission on sales / marketing

In the first instance, ZayoHub is seeking to support the operating costs of each hub through revenue generation. In the longer term, and with a sufficient number of hubs, the aim is that hubs are able to support capital costs and contribute to central costs of delivery. A full business case, based on evidence from the performance of the first hubs, will be developed by January 2020.


In the first two years of operation, ZayoHub seeks to:

1 Create a model for a sustainable, market-based platform that provides access to renewable power, connectivity and diverse information, services and products, as relevant to local development needs

2Enable women, men and children to access renewable power, connectivity and/or diverse information, services and products relevant to their development needs

3Provide firm evidence that ZayoHub can support the realisation of social, economic and environmental SDG targets