July 2018

ZayoHub completes formative research on 2018 project sites

August 2018

Design of ZayoHubs agreed, and preparation for construction begins

September 2018

Construction begins in Lipumpu, Sikaunzwe, Magumwi and Nabutezi

October/November 2018

ZayoHub Agents recruited at community level, and trained to manage hubs

December 2018

Baseline survey completed. Sites for 2019 selected

January 2019

Hubs completed and handed over for use. Equipment installed. Mobile Power launches battery rental scheme.

February 2019

Construction design reviewed, informing designs for 2019 sites

March 2019

Poultry programme launched, promoting increased production and linking ZayoHub communities to commercial buyers. Mwabu primary teaching and learning materials delivered to all primary schools, with preliminary teacher training

April 2019

Community engagement meetings held at all hubs, reviewing purpose and progress. Microloan Foundation launches village savings and loans programmes for women in ZayoHub communities

May 2019

Bee keeping mentors selected from the community, and trained. Educators International trains teachers in literacy and numeracy, and scopes remedial literacy intervention with adolescent girls and young mothers

June 2019

Construction starts on the three new 2019 ZayoHubs

July 2019

Affordable rental bicycles introduced to first 4 hubs

August 2019

Agents trained for 3 new hubs

September 2019

3 new hubs opened at Sankalongo, Sianyoolo and Chiawa